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Skills Identification Workshop For Students of “Collège Notre Dame de Louaize”

On March 31, 2023, the PASD Team of Experts carried out a 1-day training workshop on “Skills Identification” at the Collège Notre Dame de Louaize. The objective of the training was to help the students of GR10 and EB10 identify their own skills and discover which career options match with their skills.

• During this training, the PASD Team of Experts used a variety of techniques and tools along with personal reflection, so the students could better know themselves and evaluate their skills: These included practical exercises and written assignments. The team paid close attention to the student's performance and observed their strengths and areas for improvement.

Students Feedback

-It was interesting and fun, the trainer was outgoing and explained and presented everything very clearly
-They are respectful and good, and the lesson was easy to understand
-The group work and information we learned
-The interaction with the class and the teamwork
-Getting to know more about myself
-It was very interesting, I mostly liked the little game and the more important thing is that all of the trainers were women.